Once you discover your purpose in this life, the work is easy. Growing up in New Orleans, LA, a city where music is at the forefront of culture, gave Bluu Suede access to instruments and instruction; there was always an opportunity to practice your music. But the city's greatest influence on Bluu Suede has always been the people, the rhythms, and the stories which still drive his creative inspiration.

At age 14, Bluu spent a Summer in Jacksonville, AR with his musician father, honing and training his voice daily by practicing Surface's "Shower Me With Your Love" to perfection. Even then he understood the power the voice has over human emotion, naturally gravitating toward the material of soulful yet sonically appealing acts like Donny Hathaway, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green.

Bluu Suede returned to New Orleans with renewed vision and energy, and soon joined his first R&B group. Always one to embrace progress and advancement, Bluu used this as an opportunity to teach himself the fundamentals of production, vocal production and recording. Today, Bluu's original music and self-recordings have become the standard in quality among his peers. Creating and performing with other guys from a young age also taught Bluu the importance of loyalty and compromise, and the art of teaching.

Bluu Suede doesn't think of anything as unattainable with enough practice, even perfect balance between music and real life.

With the release of solo album, "The Bluu Suede Project" (2007), Bluu gave his growing audience a true look at what his life had been: groups, deals, reality TV, relationships, and everything in between. Living alone in Los Angeles, CA, as a way of being closer to the music, Bluu wrote and recorded for and with many established industry figures. He used every session as an opportunity to observe his craft in action, from idea to final mix. The connections he formed in LA were invaluable to his career and personal insight as a musician.

On the release of his long-awaited second project, "The ReSoulUtion (2010)," Bluu demonstrated the vocal and creative growth he'd experienced on the West Coast. He included more artist collaborations for a broader perspective this time. Both projects are fan favorites.

Lately, Bluu Suede is a hard man to catch. On any given day you may find him dividing his time between touring with world with acclaimed songstress Jill Scott and building his own production house (The Cleaners), but you'll always find him religiously practicing that next step, that next technique, that next run.

Because, as he says, "perfect practice makes perfect."
~ Monday, March 3 ~
#FNL #April4th #Milwaukee #Wisconsin #Wherehouse #SaveTheDate

#FNL #April4th #Milwaukee #Wisconsin #Wherehouse #SaveTheDate

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